Innovation is at the core of the culture at Lavada, and we strive to be the firm that is at the forefront of developing architectural paneling products, advancements, and applications that begin on the industry's outskirts and end up as industry fixtures.


Locally forged and comfortably nestled in the heart of a revitalized Red Hook, architectural paneling manufacturer Lavada Inc. is at the forefront of the burgeoning, environmentally aware small business community in Brooklyn. Established in 2007, the company takes its name from the Latin term for cleansing and purification.

In operation for over 7 years it did not take Lavada long to recognize the growing market for environmentally sound and cost efficient technology.  The facade systems designed and manufactured by Lavada allow buildings a longer lifespan.  In addition to being green, this method results in financial savings by eliminating costs commonly attributed with building maintenance in the decades following construction.

Lavada’s efforts have concentrated on current business of cladding, facade systems, while also focusing on custom concrete panels.  Some of our most popular and innovative products have featured custom concrete color changing panels and translucent concrete.

As a whole, Lavada's emphasis is on employees, where members of Lavada have formed a family-like atmosphere.  Working together and facing new challenges together.  This type of mentality has been extended to our clients and has furthered our loyalty.


-Interior Design 2015 Best of Year Award for Unexpected Use of Cement

-ICFF 2014 Editors Award for Best Material

-Concrete Council 2013 Vertical Application Award